Our commitment to contain Covid-19

One year after the end of the first lockdown began, we can take stock of the activities that Monticelli has implemented for the prevention safety activities for all staff.

After the state of emergency, the first concern was to systematically plan all interventions useful to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 infection within the company: The Anti-Contamination Committee, established as early as March 2020, took steps to find the PPE (which was unavailable at the time), suspend meetings and prevent access of third parties. It established the maximum number of people who can stay in each room and different access times, distributed sanitising sprays and hand washing gels and at the same time redefined the procedures for the delivery of goods and created ad hoc signs – lilac and easily identifiable – for the new rules of conduct.

One of the main problems during the company closure due to the lockdown, was to keep communication with employees active. To address this need, a closed Facebook group was created, which is used to share documents, information and protocols.

The company premises have been sanitised several times and, to assess the effectiveness of the interventions, swabs were taken on the surfaces.

The company has organised days for the voluntary to the administration, of serological testing or rapid swabs, to monitor the health status of the company population and to detect any positive cases.


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Happy Christmas to you all

Our company will be closed for Christmas holidays from December 24th to January 2nd included.
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Attention to people's needs

One of the values we have learned from Domenico Monticelli is the attention to people's needs.
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Safety also for visitors

At Monticelli we have invested in a program to manage contractors: this system, in addition to keeping track of the presence of employees, controls and processes the accesses of contractors.