Planning the reopening

In compliance with the provisions of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 22 March and following, deliberated by the Government with the aim of contrasting the spread of COVID-19 and protecting the health of workers, LM dei F.lli Monticelli srl has decided a temporary interruption of manufacturing activities. At the moment, only some administrative, commercial and technical tasks are carried out in "smart working" mode in order to fulfill the current deadlines and ensure technical-commercial assistance to our customers.

During the entire quarantine period and in conjunction with the latest Prime Ministerial Decree of 22 April and the beginning of Phase 2, the company has adopted the necessary measures to ensure the gradual and safe reopening of every working station. A COVID-19 Risk Assessment Committee has been set up to coordinate the activities. This Committee is made up of Employer, Company Doctor, an External Consultant and Internal technicians, specialists in safety and health of workers, who have updated the Anti Contagion Protocol according to the latest provisions of the Council of Ministers and of the Authorities in charge. The Protocol is shared with all collaborators, so that everyone knows, once back at work, what to do or what not to do during the execution of their tasks.

The Committee is also updating the "Risk Assessment Document for the safety and health of workers, specific risk for coronavirus COVID-19". With regard to the thorny issue of risk assessment we report that the new coronavirus “being a new virus that can also cause serious damages to human health, constitutes a biological agent that, as such, must be classified within the 4 classes of all biological agents potentially dangerous for humans (art. 268 Legislative Decree 81/08). The duty for the Employer to evaluate biological risk occurs if the work activity involves the possible exposure to a biological agent, i.e. any microorganism, even if genetically modified, cell culture and human endoparasite that could cause infections, allergies or intoxications (see Articles 266 and 267 of Legislative Decree 81/2008) “.

Obviously, the company ensures the daily cleaning and periodic sanitization of all workstations and common areas through specialized companies. At the same time detergents, disinfectants and personal protective equipment (PPE), including latex masks and gloves are available for the collaborators as required by the "Shared Regulation Protocol of measures to contrast and contain the spread of COVID19 in workplaces", issued by the Government on 14 March in agreement with institutions and companies. The companies adopt the protocol within their workplaces, in addition to the provisions of the Prime Minister's Decree of 11 March 2020. In our company, the material above mentioned, is distributed in pre-packaged kits by the staff in charge.
  The Committee has worked and keeps working to find new solutions and to avoid gatherings by changing working hours, company layouts and internal procedures.

All collaborators are invited to follow the news on institutional channels. For employees, a corporate group has been created on Facebook to follow the publications of any update related to this situation.

Now, more than ever, working together means winning together. #everythingsgonnabealright


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Plose is a die-cast aluminium support for heavy curtain wall glazing.
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Our company will be closed for holidays on: from April 22th to 25th April, May 1th and June 2nd.
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BAU 2023

See you from 17 to 22 April at BAU Munich, stand 110, hall B1. We look forward to seeing you!