We work safely

Since early March, we have implemented a series of measures that aim to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Here in summary:

  • Supply of masks and gels for cleaning hands;
  • Staggered entrances to the changing rooms;
  • Establishment of the anti-contagion committee made up of the employer, the prevention and protection service manager, the prevention and protection service personnel, the workers' representatives for safety, the doctor in charge and the external consultant. There are periodic meetings held by this committee in order to take the necessary measures to prevent and contain the Covid-19 infections.
  • Daily detection of the temperature through scanner thermometers;
  • Toilet facilities dedicated exclusively to external personnel;
  • Reduction of transfers within company premises, fostering communications through phone calls or video calls;
  • The number of people allowed in each room is limited and reported through specific billboards;
  • Each room is equipped with a protection screen, hand gel and spray to clean every time the room is used;
  • Stop to all the exhibitions and all the transfers;

Furthermore, in these days in our infirmary we are carrying out, on a voluntary basis, rapid antigenic swabs that give response in about 15 minutes. In this way, if we identify a positive employee, we are able to act promptly and protect the entire work team.

The health of our employees and their families has always been our priority, and now more than ever.


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Plose is a die-cast aluminium support for heavy curtain wall glazing.
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Our company will be closed for holidays on: from April 22th to 25th April, May 1th and June 2nd.
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BAU 2023

See you from 17 to 22 April at BAU Munich, stand 110, hall B1. We look forward to seeing you!